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Brought to you by RCR Wireless News, a leading communications industry information, database and marketing services company, “Enterprise IoT Insights”, a multimedia, multichannel community and event series for ICT decision makers seeking community networking, use cases, product demos, insights, and analysis to make informed Enterprise IoT buying decisions. For vendors, suppliers, and investors looking to monetize Enterprise IoT investments, products and services, Enterprise IoT Insights delivers scalable, measurable thought leadership, lead generation and revenue generating digital marketing solutions.

Enterprise IoT Insights focuses on what many industry analyst and investors have termed as the “next mega trend” or “4th Industrial Revolution” that will make the industrial revolution of the 1800s look like a blip on the radar screen. In addition to identifying and explaining the latest enterprise IoT trends and technologies, “Enterprise IoT Insights” features, showcases and demonstrates, virtually and in-person, the communications service provider and enterprise use cases, proof of concepts (PoC), product selections and career opportunities driving $11 trillion of anticipated global economic growth.

Supported by a carrier and enterprise editorial advisory board, industry associations, leading analyst and industry experts, the experienced editorial team will publish executive level contributed articles, produce and post multimedia blogs, facilitate social media conversations and host online and in-person radio, TV, webinar and networking event programs.